What we offer

Supply Chain Management

Utilizing cutting-edge SAP ERP technology and Infor WMS 4000 system, GNFS has a proven track record of efficiency and accuracy throughout the supply chain. 

From highly complex forecasting and supply and demand planning techniques, intensive daily collaboration with the accredited suppliers and service providers, to optimized warehouse arrangements to accommodate thousands of SKUs, GNFS's advanced systems and technology help achieve maximum efficiency in our supply chain management.

Operations and Warehouses 

GNFS warehouses, operating over 2,300 pallet positions, are top-of-the-line facilities offering dry and temperature controlled regimes, managed by one of the best warehouse management systems – Infor WMS 4000 system. Their strategic location invigorates the distribution channels to meet short deadlines for shipping and order fulfillment. We deliver our orders within one day to any destination in Jordan. 

McDonald's relies on GNFS for innovative solutions to lower inventory and transportation costs, improve customer service, and reduce order cycle times. Our full-service transportation solutions, top-of-the-class fleet, and dedicated fleet management team enable us to consolidate dry and temperature-controlled shipments ensuring the best service at the lowest costs. 

We have the physical operations, information systems, customer service, and expertise to handle the most complex distribution requirement.

GNFS teams are highly skilled and trained to offer immediate assistance for restaurants to optimize the utilization of their storage spaces using the teams' expertise and software-generated storage plans. 

Quality Control 

GNFS takes serious care of quality control using advanced and specific testing instruments. We guarantee that no less than 100% of the products we deliver meet or exceed McDonald's specifications, thanks to our state-of-the-art quality testing procedures and systems.