Our Services

We have been in the industry for over 20 years, and our expansive network allows us to provide a broad range of services, including: 

Customs Clearance Services

Our sister company, Al Manar for Transport and Clearing Goods, operates a brokerage team the works with import/export brokers. By utilizing them, we ensure that the necessary government declarations and security requirements are completed accurately and on time for your air, ocean, or ground import and export freight shipments. For more information click here. (Link to AlManar website) 

Warehousing Services

Our state-of-the-art facilities are ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 certified. With four temperature-controlled areas, our warehouses can store chilled, frozen, and dry products. They are also equipped with top-of-the-line material handling equipment, RF and barcoding, racking systems, fire alarms and suppression systems, and a fully-equipped security team with 24/7 CCTV surveillance. Our warehouse offerings also include: 

- Bonded and duty paid storage space.

- Racked and bulk storage.

- Public and decimated storage.

- Cross-docking services:

  • We can move your products from a supplier or manufacturing plant directly to a customer or retail chain with limited to no handling or storage time.

- FIFO/FEFO scheduling:

  • First In First Out and First Expired First Out scheduling policy ensures that you’ll be able to keep the product fresh and safe for consumers, and you’ll also be able to minimize shrink by moving through products in the correct order. 

- Quality control assurance:

  • Our highly-skilled quality assurance supervisors monitor and ensure the highest levels of service. Such measures include:
    • Traceability and seal policy: You don’t need to worry about the status of your shipment because our traceability policy allows you to track it from dock to stock. All the products that enter and leave our facilities are sealed, preventing any tampering. 
    • Customer support: As part of our service offerings, Easy Log clients can utilize a semi-dedicated or fully dedicated customer support agent. Our customer support department is designed to act as a seamless extension of your business and will handle all your requests with the highest level of attention and care. 

Value-Added Services:

At Easy Log, we can offer you a wide range of value-added services and tailor them towards the specific needs of your industry, these include:


- Labeling, tagging, and stamping.

- Shrink wrapping. 

- Kitting and consolidation. 

- Bundling and on-pack offer wrapping. 

- Retail-ready packaging/shelf-ready packaging, so that the product is packaged and delivered to the retailer in the most storing and sale-efficient manner.  

- Custom picking and packing. 

- Reverse logistics, which include receiving, processing, storing, and dispatching client returns.


Fourth Party 4PL Services

- Freight management: We can handle every aspect of the freight movement process. Our professionalism and decades-old experience and broad network allow us to streamline the freight movement process.

- Demand planning: To ensure that the product is produced and delivered as effectively as possible, our highly-skilled team can forecast the demand for the products and services you have in mind.

- Inventory management: Having invested in and operated under Infor WMS for years, we can manage large inventories and take the hassle out of inventory and warehouse management.

- Project management. 

- Consultancy.

- Business planning.