About Us

We are a group of four sister companies endowed with powers that have been and are still improving and enhancing the third-party logistics (3PL) services. The supply chain is our passion, and we do our warehousing and storing with fashion.


The beauty of outsourcing unites us all, and the weight we carry lifts our clients’ worries, the big and the small. Each one of our sister companies operates powerfully on its own and enjoys the perks and privileges of the rest of us. Al Layan 3PL is the representation of high-quality transparent work across the region. 


Each of us was established with its own capital, location, offices, operations, and necessary space and equipment. We employ the highest-end systems to manage our operations like warehousing management and supply chain management which makes everything easy and smooth for our clients and us. 


Why outsource? Managing a supply chain is a huge responsibility, and if done internally, it will mostly mess the focus on the company’s competencies, which is why companies nowadays outsource a 3PL provider to improve their focus and expedite the rest of their operations. Al Layan 3PL companies are your number-one choice for this.


Our operations are handled through the ERP system, SAP, while the warehouses are managed through the Infor WMS 4000. Our trucks also deliver food of all temperatures (dry, chilled and frozen), and they all support GPS technology that allows the client to track not only the location of the truck but also the temperature of the products being moved.